About Us

I am very passionate about everything in my life. I love my husband, and I am completely obsessed with my two unbelievable and adorable greyhounds, Ana and Blue. I love to travel, to watch HGTV, to play games, to scrapbook and craft, and to try new things. I currently live in Chicagoland, but my heart (and home) is still in Richmond, VA.

This is my handsome husband who always keeps me laughing! He takes pride in everything that he does, and I couldn't ask for a better partner in life. We have been together since our senior year in high school, and we have been married since November 3, 2007.  

Ana was born on February 19, 2004 and raced professionally until she retired to her forever home with us in October of 2006.  I definitely can say our lives changed the day we brought her home- she is my heart girl.  She is a food hound- her favorite store is Three Dog Bakery at Stony Point Mall in Richmond, Virginia!  She has one of the associates trained to give her treats as soon as she enters the door, all for just a little bunny-ear show!  As soon as we get to the mall, she is leading the way to the store and her adoring public.  She loves getting dressed to go out (and I'm not just saying that!).  When I pick up her pearls or one of her coats, she starts wagging around the whole house and can barely contain herself!  She definitely is the initial inspiration for Greyhound Threads- I was on the hunt for fun, modern takes on greyhound coats and accessories, and they certainly were few and far between.  Being a sewer all my life (for recreational purposes only), I decided that it was within my expertise to start creating fashions just for Ana.  A few years later, and too many compliments and "where did you get that"'s later, Greyhound Threads was born.  Thanks, Bunny, for being my muse, for enduring all the late-night coat fittings, and for keeping me company while the sewing machine is humming!


Blue's arrival came as such a surprise to us all!  It was Super Bowl weekend in 2007, and we went to our friend Trina's house (of My Roo Spot) for a party.  There were so many greyhounds attending the party, but one stood out above the rest- Blue Boy!  He was so majestic and very timid, and I fell in love with him instantaneously.  I hunted Trina down to find out more about this sweet creature, only to find out he had just come up on a haul and already had a forever home to which he was on his way after the party.  I was devastated and couldn't stop thinking about him.  I just felt he was meant to be with us.  Miraculously, two weeks later, we got a phone call from VAGA letting us know that he was being surrendered (long, drawn-out story) and they wondered if we were interested in fostering or adopting him.  Within 30 minutes, we were on our way up to Fredericksburg, Virginia to pick him up to "foster"...and less than 2 days later, we officially foster-failed.  My heart boy was home!

Blue was born December 6, 2003 and had a racing career of about the same length as Ana.  It is amazing how much he has come out of his shell over the past three years!  He was terrified of men and loud noises, and while he is still a bit timid, he has come so far over the past three years.  It's funny that everyone who walks through our front doors is immediately enamored with Blue and wants to be one of his "accepted" people.  There are a select few people who qualify (you know who you are!) and I think he plans on keeping it a very exclusive club.  Blue's contribution to the Etsy shop is as my main model for fittings now- as soon as he hears velcro, he comes running over!  He's a praise-loving boy, so he is just happy that we're paying attention to him and loving on him as we're doing the fitting, and there is nothing better than working at a sewing machine with a Blue Boy's head in your lap.  Thanks, my Bluebaroo for being my inspiration!