Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ana's 3rd Birthday - February 19, 2007

We celebrated Ana's 3rd birthday on February 19, 2007! We took her to Three Dogs Bakery at Stony Point Mall, and we got her an all-natural doggie birthday cake with her name on it, and we also picked up this all-natural wet dog food that they make... we figured since it was her birthday, we could spoil her a little more than usual.

Our intention was to give her a slice of the cake, but as soon as we pulled out the box, she got so excited, we knew there wasn't going to be any slicing going on! So, we just put it down on the coffee table and let her dig in (after she ate dinner, of course!).

It was the funniest thing to see her attacking the cake...

See, Ana does smile!!

This is one of my favorite pictures with her.

She could be a model... we'll see if the greyhound calendar people agree!

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