Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flora and Fauna

We have been pretty busy with wedding stuff over the past week or so. On Tuesday, Kenney and I went down to Williamsburg with our Groom's Woman (yep, we have a girl standing up on Kenney's side... we are so controversial in our family!). We went to do a tasting of the appetizer, entree & cake that is going to be served at the reception. It was delicious, and they even let us pull out the pieces from each dish that we liked and make our own. And the appetizer...mmmm...potato and corn chowder. YUMMY! We also tried to meet with a florist, but when they told me that my tiny bouquet alone would be $176, I laughed and we walked out. There is no way I can spend that much money on ONE bouquet!! Good grief...we are back to the drawing board on that one.
On Wednesday, I was sick, so Kenney went to work and I was left at home with the pups all day...which they loved! Ana snuggled with me on the couch, and Blue was passed out on the bed until... TOYS CAME!! I had placed an order with to get some Advantage to really attack the fleas that we had (it has really worked wonders on them!), and I also ordered some fabulous toys...which Blue immediately horded and tried to destroy.

Then, on Thursday evening, we were in the direct path of the huge mass of thunderstorms that came through the area. It was amazing to watch the lightning- it never completely stopped from 8pm until 2am. I went out in the morning to survey the damage from all the high winds, and I saw this:
Then I saw this:

My poor little car got clobbered by those big branches! The other side looks similar to this one. Upon inspection, the bumper was ripped down (meaning that they will either have to replace it entirely or drill new holes to attach it because the holes that were there were ripped). I called USAA and filed a claim, and they have been great to work with. The assessor is going to come out and look at the damage, then I take it to a shop for them to fix it, and we get a rental car in the mean time. YAY! I wonder if they have any Minis....

I found a great website,, and my clean kitchen inspired me to try something new. I made vanilla meringues...and they were fabulous! I already have a request in to make some chocolate meringues...and they haven't even tried these yet!
And then this morning, I look out of my kitchen window, and I see this:

3 Bucks and 1 Doe!! We have a whole pack of raccoons that live back there too. Sometimes we feel like we are on a wildlife preserve. The deer were gorgeous, and we couldn't help but compare the bucks to Blue and the little doe to Ana. Ana was mad that she couldn't see out the window.
If you look to the left in the picture, you will see the beginnings of our greyhound-poop area. We have taken the corner of our yard, cleared all the ivy from it, and planted a semi-circle of liriope to define the space. Next we have to get mulch to create a more pet-friendly poop area, and then we are going to put more plants there to...uh, inspire.


IHateToast said...

i love meringues when people add a bit of flavour to them. just sugar and egg is pointless to me. must have vanilla or chocky bits. mmmm. and your dollops are so pretty.

you should get a doo doo loo for your poo area. they work. just scoop, dump, and the worms munch.

mmm, not as yummy as the meringues

Trina said...

Those storms were something..but there is a benefit to living in 'the plains' tree limbs to damage my subie. But no deer either. ;-(
I am the 'requestor' of the chocolate ones...I can't wait!!!

gyeong said...

Wonder if Ana and Blue would have made friends with the deer? Maybe not. We had a 100 ft pine tree cut down that was leaning toward the house. Scary to watch it sway back and forth during crazy storms. Hope your car feel better soon.