Sunday, November 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Kenney and I officially are back from our honeymoon! We arrived home at approximately 1:00am today and immediately crashed. We slept late, ran a few errands at Target and went to reunite with the pups. I purposfully used cruise control so as to avoid a speeding ticket. This trip made me realize that I never again want to go on a two week vacation- not that it wasn't amazing and wonderful, but I just can't take being away from the pups and the cats that long again. Lita (our little black and white cat) lost 3 lbs while we were away. We aren't sure if it was depression because we were gone for so much longer than we ever have been before, or if there is something wrong with her. We are going to watch her eating for the next day or two and take her to the vet if she doesn't eat enough or continues to lose weight. She was only 10 lbs to begin with, so at 7 she is so bony. We are just glad to be home.

Pictures will be coming in a while. We have something over 4000 photos to go through from our 2 week trip, so it will take us a while to sort through, rotate and narrow down, then post to a web-viewer. We noticed that on this trip we were particularly aware of anything with greyhounds (duh!) and doors.

We are so happy to be back and can't wait to see everyone soon!!


Michelle & Mitch said...

Welcome back,and congratulations! The wedding pictures we have seen on Trina and Gyeong's blog are just beautiful! Looks like you two had a very nice wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. Poor Lita, hope she is okay!
Have a happy Turkey day! =)

gyeong said...

Kris and I go thru withdrawal from the kids after just a couple of days. Kris starts to stop anyone walking their dog so she can get a few pets in.

It would take me a month to sort through that many photos. Sometimes it takes me weeks just to sort through photos for the blog :)

Welcome Back!