Sunday, February 3, 2008

Funny...Apparently I write posts and never publish them.

I was getting ready to start a new post, and I found an old one (from February!!) that I had started to write and never got a chance to post. I believe this was around the time that Kenney's grandmother got sick, so that does explain it some. Well, better late than never!
Here ya go:
It was a beautiful weekend for outdoor activities! We spent Saturday lounging around the house for the most part, but we did manage to tear ourselves away to go to Strange's (florist!) for a dog event...we took Ana and Blue and met up with a bunch of other greys. It was good to see so many greyhounds out and about!! It was such a pretty day, and we are excited for greyhound events to pick up again for the Spring!

Annie looked so pretty all dressed up...if only we had known there was a Best Dressed contest...she could have won paws-down!

Ana can not be fooled...come hell or fountain water, she knows there are treats up there!

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