Sunday, October 12, 2008

Salem, Massachusetts

As I mentioned in my previous post, Kenney and I accompanied our friends on their honeymoon to Salem, Massachusetts. It is the perfect time of year to head up to New England on a road trip- beautiful foliage as far as the eye can see!
While we were there, we were excited to run into 3 greyhounds!! One, I didn't get a photo of because we were passing by each other so quickly, but she was a pretty white and brindle girl with an injured foot.
The next one we passed by was this beauty of a brindle boy (see below). Kenney and I both wanted to strangle the lady he was with...she kept dropping the leash and letting him wander around! We both nervously kept picking up the leash and trying to hand it back to her as we chatted with her about the grey. He is her daughter's hound, and she adopted him from a local idea how he got there, but fell in love with him when she met him there. Apparently, he had been there for quite a while. The owners have not had the benefit of a group to guide them through the basics of owning a greyhound...such as never letting them off-lead in an unfenced-in area. The lady said, "he used to chase squirrels around here, but he got used to them eventually and now he is just lazy and will follow us around even when we aren't holding the leash". Ironically, as soon as she finished saying that, he caught wind of a female dog in heat that was walking by, and he became very interested. The lady finally took hold of the leash so he would stop trying to follow the other dog...Kenney and I walked away before we attacked the lady and wrapped the leash around her wrist in typical "greyhound hold" fashion. We left being very worried for this greyhound's well-being. We hope there is never a time that the owners have to learn a lesson about the importance of keeping him on a leash.
We met another greyhound a little while later...another rescue, this time from a group. She was just a beautiful girl!

When we were visiting Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts, we came across this little guy!!And this one...I am convinced that it is a greyound...look at those ears!!
On our last day in Salem, a zombie walk was taking place. It is where a bunch of people converge on an area and just walk zombies. We missed the actual walk, and just saw the tail end when the zombies were dispersing...but this guy was my favorite!! Beware the zombie banana!
We went to one of the original burying points in Salem.
And enjoyed the beautiful Autumn weather!
We went to the Harbor.
And had fun hanging out with our newlywed friends.

We took in some gardens.

And found a Bewitched tribute!! I am slightly obsessed with Samantha from Bewitched, so I couldn't believe my good fortune! Apparently, the locals hate this statue.
And we ate...a lot. I ate clam chowder at every opportunity...and lobster...and shrimp. was a good trip.


Trina said...

Looks like a lot of fun and a great wedding to boot! Funny how we find greyhounds no matter where we go! ;-)

Travis said...

Hey look! It's me... I'm the zombie banana and yes i'm that vain i was searching for myself on the internet.

Amanda said...

aaah!!! i LOVED your zombie-ness!! have you done any zombie walks in other states, or just local to salem? i tried to convince my friends to do the one they had a couple of months ago here in richmond, va, but it was a no go. i guess i will just do the next one by myself!! :o)

Travis said...

It's the only one ive done so far. there will be another in salem in october. There's also one next month in boston which i may do. I'm trying to figure out how i can one-up the banana for this year's salem walk.