Sunday, March 1, 2009

The trip to Pennsylvania

Kenney and I just returned from our week-long trip to Pennsylvania. The impetus for the trip was business, but the majority of the trip was for pleasure. On Sunday, February 22nd, we drove up to King of Prussia, PA so I could interview on Monday with GSI Commerce...yes, the same company that drove down to interview my entire department. My interviews started at 11am on Monday, and I had six interviews over six hours. Kenney occupied himself by going to visit family in Myerstown (somewhat near Hershey...everyone should know where that is). :o) He drove the hour back to KoP to pick me up, and I was exhausted. I think the interviews went really well...I feel like it was very promising. I'm still having some issues with the thought of moving to Pennsylvania, because I love Richmond, so many of our friends are here, and we just bought our house a year and a half ago! This is not the market in which to try to sell one's house! Still, we'll see if they come back with an offer and what that might be.

Then we spent the rest of the week driving around to see family in Pennsylvania...I thought I was going to taste Eder's ice cream after 9 years of hearing how wonderful it was, but it was closed when we got there (winter hours- only Friday through Sunday after 1pm). Ugh! Foiled once again!! I suppose it just gives us an excuse to drive up there again...this time on a weekend or when it is warmer! :o)

The pups' Aunty Trina and Uncle Jason babysat for us while we were kind of hit home when I read the blog with photos from their stay that this is really real- that last week might just have been the last time they babsit for us. I hadn't really thought of it until I read it on their blog. *sigh* Why does life have a habit of sucking when it was going so good for a while?
Well, luckily there are lots of greyhound events that are nearby KoP, so I can think of at least twice a year that we might be able to see some of our greyhound friends- Greyhounds in Gettysburg and Greyhounds Reach the Beach!!!

Anyone going to the GiG this year??


gyeong said...

Still holding out hope that you guys will find something in the Richmond area.

earl said...
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