Sunday, October 11, 2009

Test Shoot

Yesterday, I could not resist the crisp fall day that awaited (after the morning sprinkles of rain, of course)!  I grabbed Ana, Blue and the camera and headed to Valley Forge National Historic Park.  Valley Forge quickly became our favorite place in Pennsylvania that we have reminds me a lot of Richmond with the fields, the deer, the trees, and the history.  In any case, I found a spot to capture some of the day (away from the people...Blue doesn't like strangers.  In fact, the reason he looks so attentive in these photos is because there was a father and son approaching from afar and Blue was keeping his eye on them).  :o)

So, here we go- the first official photos of the pups with the new camera.  Let's see if there are any calendar-worthy photos for next year!  I can't wait to get out to shoot some more (and read some more in my Dummies book!).

Blue & Ana keeping an eye on things.  Lovely backdrop of fall trees and cannons.

My beautiful girl!

Blue, wondering if we are done yet.  That father and son were getting too close for his comfort!

My handsome boy!


Harvey and Jackson said...

That last photo is stunning! I love that section of PA... my father's family are all "Main Liners", so I'm familiar with the area. It's beautiful... make sure you check out the Devon Horse Show!

And, please post more pictures!! :)

gyeong said...

Great shots! Nice lighting on the eyes. Don't you love having a dSLR? Burst mode compensates for my lack of steady hands.

Amanda said...

thanks! it's amazing what good light can do for a photo! :o) i do love the dSLR...can't wait to practice on some running hounds!

houndstooth said...

Those are some fantastic photos!