Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UPDATE: Blue's Surgery

We are relieved to announce that Blue is out of surgery! He did very well- the vet reported he was already shaking his head and trying to stand up not long after they were done.  She said his ears were full of dark/black debris (down where it wasn't safe for us to go and we couldn't see it), so she cleaned both of his ears out. Her thought is that the debris made him feel like he had cotton in his ears, which bothered him, so he shook/scratched his ear, which could have caused this "mass".  I didn't get the details about the consistency of the mass (yet...we pick him up at 3pm, central time), but she said she was still sending it off to be biopsied. She is pretty confident that the results will be that it is benign...I still want more detail about what it actually was, though.  Still, we are very relieved that it is out of his ear and that he is in recovery now!!  Thank you, everyone, for all your positive thoughts as we panic our way through our first (and fingers crossed, hopefully our last!) medical incident with Blue!

We also had a dental done since he already was going to be under just made sense to bundle both procedures since he has not had a dental since he came off the track 3 years ago (he actually has very pretty teeth for a greyhound!).  The vet did say that she was able to pass something through part of the roots of his two largest back teeth, which means there has been some root decay, but she is confident that we can control it and keep those teeth healthy for a number of years by doing annual dentals.  I need to do more research still, but I'm very paranoid about putting them under anesthesia annually...but since I also do not want him to lose those teeth, we may have to take the chance.  We have a year to think about it for him, at least, but his sister, Ana, has terrible (just awful!!) teeth.  She is probably long overdue for a dental, so we may need to take her in within the next couple of months.

Anyone use Banfield (at Petsmart) for dentals?  I'd love to hear about your experience!!


Michelle said...

Glad to hear Blue is doing well! We use Banfield at Petsmart and had Cueball's dental done there last year. We had a good experience. They have since added a new vet. We are happy with her, but she still has a lot to learn about greyhounds, so we will be taking Maggie and Booyah to another vet for their dental's this year. I think the most important factor is finding a vet who understands the breed or who is at least willing to learn.

gyeong said...

Glad to hear that Blue is doing better. We use PetzLife Oral Gel on our kids, and it just knocks the tartar off. They may never need a dental again.