Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Human (Christmas) Haul

The humans in the Miller household made out just as well as the greyhounds this year!  As for greyhound-related items, I can now post about the purchases I made for Kenney for Christmas!  As we said on Christmas day- it was a "very Sarah Regan Snavely Christmas" for all!

A few weeks before Christmas, Sarah listed a bunch of new sculptures on her shop!  I fell in love with this one, because it reminded me so much of Ana, and I knew Kenney would love it, too:

Sadly, someone else also thought it would be the perfect sculpture for their SRS collection, and they purchased it before I could.  It took me another week or so to pick out the one I felt would be just the right one for Kenney.  I actually narrowed it down to two, but I couldn't make the final decision!  I decided to show Kenney both of them under the guise of wanting to do post on my shop's blog, featuring Ana & Blue's most-wished for items, and that I wanted to know which one he thought Ana and Blue should be "wishing" for  most.  The one Kenney selected is below, and I quickly purchased it, informing him that it was snatched up out from under my nose!  Of course, it didn't make sense to post about something that we couldn't actually buy, so I just "scrapped the idea".  :)

I also snatched up this tile during SRS' Cyber Monday sale!  I thought the two greyhounds were a lovely homage to Ana and Blue!  It is glazed in a satin speckled green, and we can't decide whether to hang it or use it as an actual trivet, but we'll figure it out!

AND, remember this post where I wished that one day I would own this beautiful, sparkly silver greyhound pendant from SRS?!  Well, my wonderful husband bought it for me!  It was part of my stocking, and Kenney deemed it the most expensive stocking stuffer ever!!  :o)

That wraps up all our greyhound-related Christmas items...I'm content for the moment with all of our SRS treasures, but I am sure the itch will start again soon.  I already told Kenney that I think a collection of SRS greyhound sculptures is in order! Wouldn't that be fun!?  :)


Trina said...

Very pretty! I wish she would make earrings of that greyhound head. ;-)

Hiking Hounds said...

Beautiful pieces!

Michelle said...

I have that necklace too and love it! I also have a tattoo of the necklace, only it is two greyhounds that make a heart. I love SRS artwork!!