Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I like long walks on the beach...The Greyhound Project

I stumbled upon this video that was produced in 2008 by the Greyhound Project as part of a series of public service announcements to promote greyhound adoptions- I can't believe I am just finding this now!  This spot features a black greyhound named Cal (and we all know I am an utter softy for the black greys!) who was "looking for a long-term commitment" at the time.  The group confirms that soon after filming, Cal found a committed relationship.  :)  I would love to echo the sentiment behind this video- "there are thousands more pleasant and adorable greyhounds just like him waiting in adoption groups around the world for their forever homes"!  Maybe 2011 is the year you will adopt your first (or your second, third, fourth, etc!) greyhound and make a huge impact for one more of this special breed!  Thanks to the Greyhound Project for creating such a great PSA and allowing us an easy method for sharing it!