Monday, April 9, 2007

The Gratuitous Wedding Planning Post

I have held my tongue (fingers?) long enough- today I am going to post about all of those wedding details that have been driving me nuts as of late. Please bear with me, and I appreciate your sympathy.

This is The Hatcher-Miller Wedding logo.

We are going to string jingle bells together and attach something like the wording below to them... just trying to make sure no one breaks the crystal glasses with all the clanking that generally occurs at weddings!!

I think this is what we are going to do for seating cards at the reception. We can pre-make all the little tags and "vines" and attach them a few days before the reception. I thought they were very pretty and a good way to emphasize the fall theme again.

It was important to us to really incorporate our personality into the wedding which is exhibited first in the fall theme. We loved the idea of making home-made jelly or jam as favors for the guests. I would love to do some kind of label like you see below on the jar as well.

I thought this was such a cute idea for the kids at the wedding- personalized Kenney and Amanda wedding coloring books... I think there are some adults that will enjoy them too!

Here are the cakes that I am trying to decide between:

This one is very simple and elegant, which I like. I especially love the mocha coloring.

This was my original favorite, but I think the fondant leaves are going to add too much expense for something that isn't even really edible (ok, fondant is edible but it is gross!!)

This one is really growing on me- I love the chocolate against the white background and the pattern on the cake is very elegant but yet maintains some simplicity.

I think this is my favorite "fall" themed cake now.

The more traditional cake... very pretty and classic.

I love this one too... I love that the chocolate frosting has a hint of burgundy in it which would really tie it into the wedding colors. I am a little hesitant to put ribbon on it though just for cutting purposes.

I am going to attempt to make a version of the necklace below...I love the original Winters & Rain necklace I tried on, but I don't want to spend that much money on one piece of jewelry. They haven't re-posted their jewelry pictures on their website yet, so I don't have a pic of the acutal necklace I want to make, but this will do for now.

I also want to make the bridesmaid jewelry... I love this bracelet below, but I would do it as a necklace.

This is the headpiece that I am also going to try to DIY. I am going to use Golden Shadow swarovski crystals instead of the white crystals though. The hint of gold in the crystals really works with my dress!

These are the earrings that I am going to make if I can find the tear-drop crystal in Golden Shadow. If I can't, then I will use just a simple round crystal at the end.

These are pictures of the flat that we booked in Monmartre, France... just a short metro ride from Paris and with all the luxury of our own apartment!!

The view from what will be our breakfast table:

A view of our breakfast table and the bar in the kitchen:

How I envision my hairstyle with veil and headpiece:

I love Kate Beckinsale, and when I saw this picture, I just fell in love with her hairstyle!! I am definitely going to try to do my hair like this:

I want to make itineraries for the bridal party and our out of town guests (ok, so that is itineraries for pretty much everyone since no one actually lives in Williamsburg, and most of the guests are from out of state):

We are planning on having a candy buffet at the wedding with Fall candy, and we will have little bags for everyone to take it home with them (or back to their hotels):

Here is the bouquet I have selected, but I think I might
want to brighten it up a bit with some other kind of flower too:

This is what I am thinking about for the bridesmaid bouquets... These are the Golden Calla Lillies, a simple bouquet of one of the flowers that appear in the bouquet I want. I am also thinking that I want the guys' flowers to be single calla lillies in this color with red berries:
Thanks for bearing with me while I detail out some of our wedding plans. Laying all these details out here really helped me organize some of this stuff.... it makes me realize I have a lot of DIY projects to go!! OOH! The centerpieces are DONE!!

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