Sunday, April 8, 2007

Where did the warm weather go?

Just as we were getting used to the warm weather, Mother Nature pulled an April Fools joke on us by flipping the winter switch on us again. It was fun to see Ana and Blue out in the snow for the first time... if you can really get away with calling out little dusting here in Richmond "snow"! Ana exhibited her spunk as she pranced around in the snow... presumably to keep her feet on the ground for the shortest amount of time possible. Blue walked around looking at the kid that was playing in the snow (he rolled the sadest looking snowball trying to make it into a snowman!). Blue is generally a very underwhelmed individual. We have only really seen him exhibit excitment at Jason's & Trina's when he is running around their back yard. We really need to get a yard for them to run around in all the time. We wanted to go look at this one house that went on the market last week that was on Lauderdale by Short Pump mall, but it sold within two days. I hope this doesn't mean that the market is picking up again... Kenney and I really don't want to buy until after the wedding in November, but then again, we don't want people offering $20k more than asking price like they were last year either!! We will hold out as long as we can on this so that everything at work can settle down, but it is difficult to see a house that has so much potential pass us by.

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