Sunday, May 13, 2007

Houses and Greyhounds

Ana at a greyhound event on the Southside that we went to last weekend. She won first prize during a race against other greys and their owners. Her favorite thing out of the prize basket was the beads I pulled off the basket that made a necklace for her to wear. =)

Here's my goofy boy when we were letting the greys run at the baseball diamond- he was having a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth and muzzle!!

Blue took over the double-stacked beds while we were cleaning a few days ago...

...and, of course, this left Ana sulking that she didn't have a bed to lay on, even though the couch was free.

It is a good thing that we have the greyhounds and friends during this very trying time of house hunting. Kenney and I did find another house that we liked enough to put a bid in on, only to find out during the inspection phase that there might be some structural damage. We submitted the Inspection Addendum which said the Sellers have to pay for the structural engineer to come out and inspect the house (which more than likely, they won't do because it usually falls on the purchasers to pay for any inspections) AND they will have to pay for anything the engineer deems necessary to fix the house. We submitted it on Friday, and our realtor called and told us that the realtor and sellers already knew about the problems, but felt 1. that they didn't need to disclose it because "it was pretty obvious" and 2. didn't feel like they should have to fix it since they didn't make their sellers fix it. I say, that's your stupidity NOT mine!! So, we are essentially waiting for their counter to come back so we can say SEE YA! and keep looking. The frustrating part is that we found a house yesterday that we kind of liked which was MUCH more in our price range especially with the lower real estate taxes, and we can't even put a bid in on it since we are still tied up with the other house. *sigh* They have until Wednesday to get back to us about it, but we just hope we don't miss out on a house that might actually work out in the mean time!

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