Saturday, May 19, 2007

We have a house!

So, we got the house!! On Wednesday, we heard from our agent who said that the sellers are going to fix everything that our inspector put on the list that needed to be fixed (and we asked for EVERYTHING!). It was a little shocking, and has taken a few days to get used to the idea that we are actually getting this house, but the more time that passes by, the more we like the idea. It's not exactly in the area that we would like to be in, but it is in a really nice area still, just a little further away from some people and a little closer to others. Overall, it will be perfect for our first house once we are painted, cleaned and in the house. We close on June 20th!! I know, it is only about a month away, but the nice thing is that we don't have to be out of our townhouse until July 15th, so we will have plenty of time to move stuff into the new house, and plenty of time to paint and clean prior to doing so. We also have to paint and clean the apartment- since we are moving out, they require us to repaint everything white if we have painted the walls. Everything downstairs is painted, but just the bathroom upstairs is painted, so hopefully it won't take too long. It will be easier to do since it will be empty. It is going to be a lot of painting though- first our new house, then the apartment. I am including a few pictures of the new house- keep in mind that the picture of the front of the house really does not do it justice!! It was taken in the middle of winter, and it has weird discoloration on the picture that is not really there in person. We are going to look at it again with a couple of people today, so hopefully I will remember to take my camera and take a few more pictures to give a better idea of what it looks like. Oh, and no fence for the greyhounds, but we are really anxious to get on in!!

The front of the house- much prettier in person, and the living room- with a fireplace!

The dining room- with chair rails & a chandelier that needs to be replaced, and the kitchen- the prettiest one we have seen in a house that is in our price range. It was recently remodeled, which is nice, too. For those of you who know of my dish fetish- yes, there is plenty of room to expand. =)

The master bedroom- a little smaller than what we have now by about 3 ft, but our room is HUGE now with a lot of wasted space, so we are all good with that. There are 3 other bedrooms, two baths, a laundry room, and a cute little 10'x12' shed with electricity out back that aren't pictured... I'll repost with new pictures later. Wheee!

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gyeong said...

Congratulations!!! You guys must be tough negotiators. Welcome to the world of home improvements.