Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catching Up

With the craziness of the move and trying to get the apartment all wrapped up, I haven't been able to post as much as I would have liked. We actually have been pretty busy with activities other than moving, so prepare yourself for a glimpse of the past few weeks at the Hatcher-Miller household (a little out of order, but you get the idea):

Blue is contemplating the move.

Wednesday, June 20th - we closed on the house!

Gyeong babies Stella.

Some doxies from the dachshund play group we went to with our friends who have a doxie.

Domino and Lita enjoying the view from our new dining room picture window.

Dana took her chances with Stella just so she could claim a small corner of a dog bed.

Blue was completely tired out from the move!

Blue snuggled up on the bed with his monkey.

Ana looking coy as we are trying to pack up the apartment.

Ana hanging out at the new house.

If you look really close, you can see Ana and Blue peeking out of the middle window pane.

Kenney and I spent the 4th of July with a few friends at the Diamond watching a Richmond Braves game.

The view of the Richmond city skyline from our seats at the Diamond.

A few fireworks from the game:

We haven't had a ton of time to settle in, but what we have been able to do has made a big difference. We can't wait to have our official "new home open house" which will probably be sometime in September if everything goes smoothly. One of the first major projects we have is to put up a fence, but with the wedding, we'll have to see how quickly that can happen. Until then we will have to continue borrowing Jason & Trina's yard and Gyeong & Kristen's. =)

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