Saturday, July 7, 2007

Drowning in Boxes!

The house is turned upside down, and we can't find the cable that connects the camera to the laptop. I have tons of pictures to post and no way to do it right now. grr! We thought we made tons of progress unpacking and hanging pictures up, etc until we went to the apartment today to get the last bit of boxes and random stuff leftover. We ended up making two full trips in the Durango, and we still have another two or three to go. So much for the "last load". After we are done moving the rest of the random little crap that we didn't even know we were missing, we will have to paint the entire downstairs of the apartment and the bathroom upstairs. We will be very happy just to be done with the apartment and in the house completely. We just have to find a place to put all the little crap we brought back with us... luckily, we have an attic now. =) Keep your fingers crossed that we find that cord soon!

Note: On a happier note, we have our internet and cable back! Wheee!


Trina said...

If you can't find it, the one I have should work. They are usually generic USB cords. ;-) everyone hates moving..i feel for you!

gyeong said...

Next time I move, I plan on selling all the contents of the old house and just buying new stuff to be delivered :) I hate moving.