Monday, July 23, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

Where did the weekend go? It went by so quickly even if it was very productive... some friends came over Friday night and we hung out for a bit, Saturday we did some stuff around the house, drove to Williamsburg to meet with our officiant and then hung out later that night with Trina and Jason and some of their friends who were fabulous!! Of course the greyhounds were there too- it was nice to have a full house of greyhounds at their house again, it has been way too long. Sunday was a productive day here at home what with the lawn mowing and the unpacking that we did (ok, ok so I napped for a little bit and Kenney read some of his Harry Potter book that he broke down and finally went to Target to buy because of some mix-up with UPS and our new address- we still got a lot done!!). Here are some pics of our weekend events:

Just one of the amazing views this time of year in Colonial Williamsburg.

The Windmill in Williamsburg- note the little baby sheep!!

I caulked our guest bathroom on was messy but surprisingly satisfying!

I can only guess that caulk does NOT taste like cream cheese frosting, even though it looked like it. I was very tempted to taste it, but I managed to withstand the urge.

Lita couldn't help herself- she saw Kenney put his Harry Potter book down and she just had to pick it up. Looks like she is further ahead than he is!! Watch out though- she might spoil it for you!! =)

This picture was actually taken today. 2 things are important to note here:
1. Ana is a bone hog- she is laying on the large orange bone (it is anchored under her arm pit) and she has the other bone laying in front of her taunting her brother Blue
2. Blue jumps onto the bed and into the car, Ana has not once jumped into the car or onto the bed since we have had her. So, imagine my surprise when I threw the big orange bone onto the bed so Blue would have a chance to get it and up hopped Ana lightly onto the bed!! She so tattled on herself!! All along we thought she just couldn't jump... now we know better. Probably won't make a difference, but at least we know. ;-)

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gyeong said...

Williamsburg should still be quite pretty come wedding time. Just by caulking, you have just about done more home-improvements than I have. Wow, Lita is a fast reader. She is ahead of me. Just like with humans, it's just easier if we let the girls have their bones :)