Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Annie Gets a Gun

Ok, so Ana didn't get a gun, but her mommie and daddy spent part of their weekend shooting guns! Kenney and I went with a couple of our friends to Cavalier, a shooting range near Louisa County. Neither of us had shot a gun before, and we both shot a Glock 9mm Luger and a Beretta 9mm, both semi-automatic pistols. I prefer the Glock after doing quite a few rounds with both guns- there is just something about the required concentration and the less sensitive trigger. I like the challenge of precision. Trina shared with me that she actually has a Taurus, so I look forward to trying to schedule some time for all of us to go to the range.

This is me shooting at a few targets with Andy keeping an eye on me (I am sure mostly for safety but also for technique).

Our friend Melissa takes a turn.
Kenney shooting.

Andy was just amazing to watch- he was able to shoot so quickly and accurately!!

Andy shows me how to do something with the gun... I don't do well with the terminology. =)

This was not one of the stances that produced good shots- I actually found a rhythm toward the end of the day, and I was able to get prett fast and remain accurate which was awesome. It makes me want to do it again soon! =)

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gyeong said...

why are you and kenney the only two wearing the sissy ear muffs? :) Maybe Trina can get her dad to loan his shotgun with the magnum shells. That'll put a hurtin on your shoulder. Maybe you guys can start the GnG (Greys and Guns) club :)