Thursday, August 2, 2007

Away for the Weekend

Kenney and I will be away in Pennsylvania for the weekend. His paternal grandmother is turning 80 tomorrow (quite an achievement!), and we are driving up for a surprise birthday party tomorrow night. Then on Saturday, his mother's brother is going to be at his other grandmother's house, and we are going to have dinner with them since it has been over 15 years since Kenney has seen him (he was stationed in Germany with the US Air Force).
So... that means that the pups are spending the weekend with Auntie Trina and Uncle Jason, Dana and the rest of their crew. We actually dropped them off this evening because our air conditioner blew again- yes, we are sitting here in the 90-degree weather with no A/C and the company our home warranty group called can't get out here until Monday. So, Jason and Trina let us grant the pups a reprieve from the heat, and we dropped them off early and will pick them up on Monday after the A/C is fixed. The house is terribly empty without them... I hate being away from them (even at should see my cube. it is full of pictures of them). I am trying to work up to a longer period of time though since Trina and Jason are going to have them for an extended stay in November while we are on our honeymoon- we will be away from them for over 18 days! Anyway, we miss our pups and wanted to post a few pictures to show them we are thinking of them- Enjoy!
This is Blue and Ana taking it easy on the couch- they are so tired, they can't even lift up their heads.
Annie likes to clutch her stuffies while she sleeps... I think she might suffer from separation anxiety like her mommie. =)
Bluebert is always finding weird and (somehow) comfortable positions to sleep and lounge around in... he can contort himself into many different shapes like a greyhound pretzel. Maybe we should rent him out to a circus to help pay for the wedding...but look at that greyhound butt! It is so slappable. =)


gyeong said...

Ahh, the joys of being a homeowner. Same thing happened to us a month or so after we moved in. At least you will be gone most of the time it is down.

I hate being on the road away from the kids. Keeps pics of them on the iPod.

Trina said...

Your dogs are fine and cool! Their first night was restless but they will relax with time. Ana pushed Beth promptly off her pedestal though..made us realize Beth is all bark and no bite.