Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Future of United States Americans...and Such

First I must admit that it was much like watching a train wreck...I just could not bring myself to change the channel. I think what intrigued me the most was the girls introducing themselves by dancing to their names, and I was engrossed from there on out. The train wreck of which I speak is the Miss Teen USA pageant that aired a few days ago.

The middle of the pageant was much like any other pageant for those of you who have watched any in the past... for those of you who haven't, it essentially entails girls walking around in bathing suits and being judged for their prowess in being, well, beautiful. The end was by far the best (and saddest) part of the evening for me. First, has-been celebrities like Joey Lawrence (for you Blossom fans) and Melissa Joan Hart (for you Clarissa Explains it All or Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans...come on, you know you are out there) were two of the judges for the evening. It saddened me a little to overhear some radio personalities later making fun of these "random people" they had asking the questions. Both Joey L. and Melissa J.H. had questions to ask during the Q&A period. Did I mention that Slater from Saved By the Bell was the host?

First up- Miss South Carolina. See the video in the post below (it's the only way I was able to get it to work on the blog)...it is heartbreaking.

My favorite was the following question that was asked of Miss Teen New Jersey just moments later..."What skills are most lacking in teens today and how can they be taught?". The response? It may not have been perfect, but I think it speaks volumes!

"I think the skills most lacking in teenagers today is public speaking. A lot of teenagers don't find themselves very comfortable talking in front of a group of large crowds, even small crowds. And I think if they feel comfortable with themselves then maybe they can have a better chance with their skills in public speaking."

Could it be any more perfect? I did have to laugh at the "group of large crowds, even small crowds" but I have to say that compared to Miss South Carolina's answer, Miss New Jersey's was quite an improvement.

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