Saturday, September 1, 2007

Road Trip with the Pups to Pennsylvania

We are about to embark on our first long-distance road trip with Ana and Blue. We are confident that they will do great- both of them love to ride in the car...especially when we stop at McDonald's for a snack. There are quite a few rest stops between home and our destination, so we will be sure to take advantage of those every few hours. I hate being away from them, so it will be nice to take them with us this time, but I am still nervous about having them around so many people who don't have greyhounds and who are also bringing their...children. Children are a great source of anxiety for me on a normal occassion, so the fact that there will be a ton of children running in and out of the house (we are going to Pennsylvania to visit Kenney's family and for a wedding shower) has caused my stomach to turn into knots. Luckily, the day of the shower, Kenney's mom has volunteered for a shift of holding each of her 4-legged grandchildren...she is resigned to these being her only opportunity for them. =)
I told Blue he could pick one toy to bring...he just couldn't decide which one!

I woke up early this morning to help with a dog haul for GPA-Richmond which was such a great experience! When we get back from PA, I will have lots of pics of the haul and bath for the dogs. See you soon!

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gyeong said...

I hope Kris and Trina haven't unduly influenced you about skin kids :) I have nieces & nephews and that's good enough for me.
Get to be with mommy and daddy, get a ride in the car, and get Mickey D's? I"m sure your kids can't wait. Are we there yet???
Dog hauls are fun. As long as no one 'blows out' in your car, then everyone else rolls in it. Or getting up at 4am to meet the hauler, like we will next weekend, is always a blast. No staying up late Fri night.