Monday, September 3, 2007

Greyhounds Galore!

There is much to write about this weekend's activities, so we will start tonight with the GPA-Richmon dog haul that I helped out with on Saturday morning. A group of us originally was going to meet the haulers between 6 and 6:30 AM, but rain throughout the night slowed their travel a bit, so we ended up meeting them about 8AM...of course, that was after I was already up at 5AM getting ready to go and was at 7-11 grabbing a cub of wake-up-and-go. But, it did give me time to go back home, fold some laundry and chat with Trina who was doing the same with her extra time- great minds think alike!
When I did get to meet the hauler- my first one ever- it was a little different than expected. I guess I glamourized it a little in my head, and I was a little shaken by the grim reality of their travel conditions and the condition of the dogs when they came off the truck.

All of the pups were so excited to come get out and stretch their legs! It was so amazing to be there for the first part of their new is hard to explain, but I hope everyone who helps on these hauls realizes how much they are changing these dogs' lives. You can see it in their eyes... there is hope.

This was one sweetie who was a little nervous about this new adventure- soon he will be a different dog with a new life! He reminded me of Ana when we first picked her up...she was tired and nervous about going home with us, but she quickly settled into her new (*spoiled*) life. Hopefully, all of these pups will adjust as quickly.We transported the greys to the place where we give them baths. Below you will see a few people working together to get one of them cleaned up. It was a great facility!
This is Southern Lovin'- you can check her out on Trina's page. (Sorry, you will have to navigate there yourself, as I do not have the inclination or patience right now to remember how to add a hyperlink). They have named her Belle, which I think is just adorable. I spent some time with her today on our way back from Pennsylvania, and she is such a heartbreaker. Definitely one that lets you know she needs you. Sweet Belle!

That is all about the dog haul, but not about our weekend, so stay tuned for our fun in Pennsylvania later this week! (OK, probably tomorrow, but Kenney is already mad I have taken this much time to blog about the haul...)


Trina said...

Great pictures! The hauler situation can be overwhelming but we are glad they are here now! ;-)

gyeong said...

Sometimes it's hard to remember where they come from when you are looking at your kids with their stuffies and laying on cushy beds.

Now you gotta convince Kenney that you guys need to drive down to Florida, visit the kennels, watch the doggies race, strap the luggage to the roof and bring a few back with you :)