Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wedding Shower in PA

Kenney's family threw us a wedding shower this past weekend at their house in Pennsylvania. Aside from the 7 hour drive there and back, we had tons of fun! We always hate leaving PA at the end of our trip, but we knew we were going to get to stop at Jason's and Trina's house on our way back home and the idea of a houseful of pups and people made leaving a little more tolerable.
From left to right: Kenney's little half-sister Shiloh (3 yrs), Kenney, Kenney's sister Andrea (19 yrs), Kenney's half-brother Justis (8), and of course our pups Ana and Blue
Same people and pups as above, just one addition: Kenney's dad Galen. In the background you can see thier house and the tent that they set up for the shower the next day.
Kenney's little sister Shiloh was completely enamored by Ana...she was insistent that she be allowed to walk her, so Kenney let her hold the end of the leash the proper greyhound way, and he held the middle. This worked out well since her mother told Ken to make sure he held her hand so she didn't wander into the road...with this leash method, he killed two birds with one stone. Shiloh loved both the pups, but their names seemed to confuse her...she got Blue, but for some reason she kept calling Ana "Purple" instead.
Andrea and Kenney cracking up about Kenney walking Ana AND Shiloh.
The favors Kenney's step-mom, Stacy, made for the wedding shower.
One of the games they organized was "draw the bride on her wedding day"...after Kenney's grandmother got a good laugh from me, Kenney and Stacy when she asked "draw Amand on her wedding night?". =) No one else seemed to have their mind in the gutter that day.
There were supposed to be different categories, and I guess the person who drew this was trying to suggest it should win for "prettiest".
This was drawn by Kenney's half-brother...although that would have been nice to know before he and I started laughing hysterically at it. Please note Domino's tail creeping into the picture.
This abstract bride is an original by Kenney's mom...I hope she isn't suggesting that Kenney isn't showing up at the altar!!
This bride won for most authentic colonial representation...
I actually really liked this one by Kenney's other grandmother...the face is pretty even if the body is wierdly proportioned. =)
And this was the winner (it had to be a guy who won because of the prizes they had left). Note: The crown, the sunglasses, the rounded belly (hope he doesn't really think I look like that!), the small tree I am carrying as a bouquet, and the "Kenney" tattoo...people kept asking me the rest of the day if I really had his name tattooed on me. Puh-lease!! =)

Boo-boo was so nervous the entire time! He was only happy sitting next to me, while Ana just plopped down wherever she happened to be.
Our kids don't have any exposure to kids...so Ana wasn't quite sure what to do with one.
Ana is our princess!

Everyone wanted to hold the pups- this is Greg, one of Kenney's cousins.

After the main wedding shower events, a bunch of us went out on a pontoon boat with Kenney's dad.
Ruthanne, another of Kenney's cousins, held the pups for us while we floated away. She was nice enough to see us off with them, and then they were waiting for us when we got back. Both Ana and Blue looked so confused as we left, and they were beside themselves when we returned...there even may have been a little rooing! ;-)
Kenney's half-sister Shiloh and their cousin Molly (Ruthanne and Greg are her parents). I think if they let two 3-year olds drive the boat, we should at least have been allowed to bring the dogs on board...
From left to right: Kenney's Gramm (with his Great-Aunt Norma behind her), Kenney's brother Matt and his girlfriend Ashly, Kenney's sister Andrea, and his step-grandmother Darlis (Darlis? She has a brother named Dallas!!), and of course, Kenney making a hot dog.

The bikini and Kenney cake.

The Kitchenaid paradise shot! We just couldn't resist taking a picture of all of our Kitchenaid gifts!! Our kitchen is nice and red and on it's way to being well-equipped. =)


gyeong said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Sucks that it's a 7 hour drive. Now our kids are going to expect their pictures on birthday cakes :) Look at all that kitchenware. Looking forward to your first cookout!

IHateToast said...

looks like you scored and the pups got to sniff a toddler's head. nice!

Trina said...

LOVE THE BIKINI!!!!! You didn't tell me you got all that cool Kitchen-Aide stuff! Not as cool as a dyson..but...