Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fidos After 5: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens hosts Fidos After 5 during the summer in partnership with the Richmond SPCA. Since we never miss a chance to expose people to the delights of greyhounds, and in honor of Parker and Shiloh, two friends of the greyhounds who are SPCA dogs themselves, we could not wait to attend the event this past Thursday. Kristen & Gyeong and Jason & Trina were able to join us for a great evening out with all of our pups (with the exception of Dante, who it was felt would not play very nicely with all the other pups that attended). There was wine tasting, plenty of pups to see that people brought with them, the SPCA volunteers were walking around with some pups that were available for adoption...and the weather was beautiful! They have extended the event through October due to it's "pup"ularity (I know, I had to do it!), and we definitely want to go again!

Ana strikes a stunning pose in the Lewis Ginter night sky...

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gyeong said...

All that crawling on the ground paid off. Nice shot!