Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunshine Day

Yesterday was an especially good day for photography! I took Ana and Blue out for our morning stroll, and we came across such an amazing patch of sunlight that I went right back into the house and got my camera. The pups were intrigued by the myriad of sounds and that, coupled with the amazing lighting, lead to some of my favorite pictures of them so far.

This one of Blue is by far my favorite! He has transformed into such a different dog than when we first met him. He definitely was the perfect addition to our family.

Annie kept facing away from the light because, as you can see by her ears, she was more interested in what was going on at our neighbor's house. Still, I love her profile, and I take any opportunity I can get to photograph those ears!

This is now my favorite photo of Annie and Blue together...Ana's face is a little dark, but I still love it.


IHateToast said...

who doesn't love a bit of sunshine in the leaves? blue should use that photo for his myspace page. he's hip!

gyeong said...

The lighting in that first picture is great! It's a good thing your kids aren't camera-shy :)