Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Tales

I have had this post-in-progress for about two weeks now...and I am finally getting around to actually posting it. The crazy holiday season is done, and things have been slowing down in the Miller house over the past few weeks...thankfully! I have been able to pick back up in being a productive member of the greyhound community, which I was desperately missing, but now I am getting my fill and making up for lost time! whee! Here's my short narration of our Christmas:

Our far my favorite of our Christmas trees over the past 7 years. I was very sad when we finally took it down a few days ago. I may have hugged it, but there are no photos, and thus no proof. Lita saw nothing.
We watched Ana and Blue open thier gifts from Mommy and Daddy...they were unsure of all the wrapping (hello...we made it super easy for bags with loose tissue paper on top!). This is Blue investigating Ana's bag to make sure it is safe for her to procede...
And this is Ana taking Blue's present while he wasn't looking...that's our girl, she knows how to share!
Domino was tired from all the festivities and so took a nap on the dog beds.

And then we did some nail trimming...Annie is mad at Auntie Trina for encouraging Mommy to clip more often. I took a tad too much off on virtually all of their nails, did not have one of the quick-stop pens, and ended up having to bandage 2 of the feet on each dog to prevent bleeding all over the place. Annie wants this photo filed with the proper authorities!

The parents came up on Christmas day and we exchanged gifts...the best were our two new greyhounds! My mom bought the statues and then painted them herself...aren't they adorable?!?! The also bought us a 10" compound miter saw and stand...home improvements, here we come!
And then I just had to throw this photo in...Blue asleep on the bed...he is my heart.

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