Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stony Point Greyhound Walk

The Stony Point Greyhound Walk was today, and we had such a greyt turnout- I counted 17 greys! I think I may have missed a couple though...I can't remember if I counted the 2 that were in Richmond and were representing the Keystone greys. It was wonderful to see so many recent adopters, first-timers, out-of-staters, and the frequent visitors. The weather was just beautiful, and you can imagine the impression we made on people as we paraded down the mall...and it was really a parade! As far as the eye could see, behind and in front of us, there were groups of people talking to everyone about greyhounds! Kenney even spoke with the CEO of Circuit City and his wife about Ana and Blue!
Here we are getting assembled...there were so many beautiful dogs, and Trina got to see so many of her fabulous fosters (she is petting Apollo here in this pic, and he is such a sweetie!), which of course meant I got to see all of her fosters again, too!
Greyhounds on parade...everyone kept asking about Dante.

This is Jackson (after Jackson Pollock's painting Lavendar Mist, not any Civil War relation) and his brother Harvey is hiding behind him. Jackson is the prettiest Blue Brindle!

Greyhounds everywhere!

Another of Trina's fosters, and one that I helped haul, Brady. I always knew that Blue and Brady would get along. =)
Ana was just exhausted when we got home. She grabbed a stuffie and settled in for the night (it was 5pm!).

And here is a random pic of Ana recently (sleeping, too)...her mouth curls up to a smile in the end...I think she finally caught the rabbit. I love how she cuddles with her toys (the little pink hairdryer was a Christmas present from the Miller grandparents).

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Harvey & Jackson said...

What greyt photos!! I just love the pic of best buddies Blue and Brady...