Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Place of Residence...for now!

I again have been remiss in not updating the blog in a few months...in case you were wondering, I did get the position with GSI Commerce (Interactive) in King of Prussia, PA. We moved up here June 1, and I have been here about a month now. Kenney has been at home in Virginia most of the time with the dogs, as he has been trying to get the house ready to rent. Unfortunately, I'm not loving (ok, I'm pretty much loathing) the job, so we have decided to hold off on renting out the house on the off-chance he is able to get a job down there. If he is able to get a job in Richmond, then we move back...and that would be AWESOME!

I did have one good weekend up here so far...and that was the weekend that my friend Clay came to visit. We went into Philadelphia to toodle around for a bit...here's some snapshots of our trip:

The Magic Gardens in Philadelphia

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