Thursday, July 9, 2009

Philadelphia Blues...

I have been away from my greyhounds now for 14 days, and it will have been a total of 24 days before I get to see them again. They are at the Richmond house with their daddy while he works on painting, getting flooring quotes for our kitchen and laundry rooms, and generally gets the house ready for one of three scenarios that will play out:
1) sell the house
2) rent the house
3) move back into the house

By far, option 3 is our favorite, and option 1 is the long-shot. Because we only bought the house just over 2 years ago, there is no way we can sell with the market the way it currently is. If he isn't able to find a job in Richmond, we'll end up having to rent it far our least favorite option because, well, we don't like the idea of other people living in our house and yet we are still responsible for it. So, we wait to see where he will find a job, and in the mean time, he fixes the house up for one of the three options while I am in Pennsylvania working. The hardest part has definitely been being away from Blue and Ana...I get to talk to Kenney every few hours, but the pups don't understand what is going on and I don't get to communicate with them (although, Kenney may have put his phone up to their ears so I could tell them that mommy loves and misses them!!).

I miss their little faces...only 10 more days...

added note: I sold my first item on my etsy shop Greyhound Threads! It was the Mix and Mingle - Blue Plaid Coat, and it was sold to a greyhound named Pixel in San Francisco who needed a cooler "winter" coat. :o) She should have a present when her mommy checks the mail today!

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gyeong said...

I vote for staying in RIC :) I'm sure the kids would like that too. Congratulations on your first sale.