Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Shop Listings Arriving Soon & a Lazy Weekend

I am so excited- I will be getting a new sewing machine within the week!  My machine of the last 12 years finally has caused enough trouble that I am getting a new one for my birthday.  I can't wait to work on some of the new projects I have in mind for my Etsy shop (Greyhound Threads).  There's going to be some greyhound art added, in addition to some new greyhound clothes and accessories!  The new sewing machine will play a key role in when I can get everything up in the store...keep your fingers crossed that it will be soon!

As for the pups, it's been a lazy weekend- I went outside and found Blue fast asleep on the grass, basking in the sun!  He is in love with his yard...we always knew he was a yard dog, but as new home owners with roofing and a heat pump to install, we just weren't able to get the fence to the top of the priority list at home.  Our lease here in Chicagoland only for one more year (to the date), and regardless of what that brings for us, we know it will have to include a fence!

Isn't she a beautiful Bunny?  Speaking of bunnies...I let the pups out a couple of days ago for their morning routine, and I nearly had a heart attack.  Both of them were facing me doing their business, and a MASSIVE rabbit (I'm talking the size of a smaller medium size dog!!!) ran across the yard behind them.  I had visions of the destruction that would occur if they were to turn around and see him, so I threw open the door and called for them in a panicked tone.  They, of course, thought I wanted to play, so they luckily came running right to I watched the bunny try to squeeze under our fence door.  That rabbit has no idea how close he could have been to being a morning snack!!

And, I just have to include this one shot of one of the cats (Lita)...she has a little perch by the stairs where she can sit to view our guests as they enter the house.  Sometimes, as she sits there hunched over staring down at them, she reminds me of a gargoyle.  I am still trying to capture just the right photo to illustrate that, but for now, I really liked this one.  I still need to figure out more with my DSLR...but it's coming along!

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Mel P said...

I love that pic of Blue napping in the sun!