Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air

I made it my mission this weekend to finally catch up on my favorite blogs that I've been seemingly unable to keep up with since moving!  Feeling remiss, I was relieved to find that they, as well, have been lacking in the posting arena!  While I have not been posting about our activities recently, I have been able to keep a fair amount of greyhound-oriented activities in our day-to-day.  We've been here in Chicagoland about 2 1/2 months now, and the pups are just crazy about their fenced-in yard (and I'm crazy about my lawn service!).  I thought this would be a wonderful place to start the Chicago-based posting for the blog!  The following is footage from the pups' first real romp in the new fenced-in (rental) yard, post-snow- it's such a funny sequence of events, I had to include more than the standard number of photos:

Blue takes off after the orange ball, Ana takes off after Blue!

They both miss their targets and swing around for another go- Blue grabs his prize...

And quickly loses it, and his balance, just as quickly...and narrowly misses getting tackled by Ana!

Not one to give up easily, Blue spins back up and around to get the ball (don't you just love how low to the ground he is!! I find them running like this quite frequently!).


Giving up on the ball for general merriment!

I just had to include this photo- such sharp, low turns!

 I have many more fun photos that I hope to post soon, including an awesomely greyhound find from one of our trips to the largest flea market in Illinois (and you know I couldn't just walk away without it!!).  :o)

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gyeong said...

Lacking in the posting arena? I resemble that remark :). Your kids look so happy with their fenced in yard!