Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shop Stuff & Finding Some IL Greyhounds

It's been quiet over here at Greyhound Fairytales for a while- it's not because I've given up on blogging, it's just that I have been spending extra time over at my Etsy shop, Greyhound Threads.  When I first started the shop, I was really gung-ho about it and focused...but as time wore on, and life got in the way, the shop started taking a back seat.  Now that we've been in the Chicago area for about 6 months, I felt like it was time to either close up shop or really try to make something of it.  So, with my original purpose in mind, I have decided to forge ahead and see where this thing can go!  It's not so much about making money as it is the challenge of it- I like challenging myself with different projects, figuring out how to do something, and then having a place to sell it (so I don't end up with, oh, 30 different coats just for Ana and Blue!  Again.).  :)  An it still isn't about making money- pretty much every penny gets put right back into the shop...which is great! Because I love that!  It's like people who have an account just for stock market money- they start out with an investment of $X and that is all they have to play with.  If they make more, great! If they lose it, they are done!  It's like an adult version of the "lemonade stand" game, and Greyhound Threads is my lemonade stand.

In any case, I just wanted to put out there that, though I have been spending a lot of time over at the Etsy shop, I am not forgetting about Greyhound was Kenney's big concern when I told him I was rolling out a new blog for the shop aptly titled Greyhound Threads, but I assured him that Greyhound Fairytales was here to stay and will be focused on the fun, Ana and Blue-focuses activities that everyone is used to, and I can use Greyhound Threads to focus more on crafts and shop activities- I get the best of both worlds!


After having been out here for almost six months, Kenney and I finally felt like we were settled in enough to start feeling around for greyhounds in the area.  Last weekend, luck was on our side, and we found a group that was having a Meet and Greet at the Algonquin Petco which isn't too far from us.  So, we packed up the kids in the car and drove over so they could see some other greyhounds again!  The kids were so excited- since we're not in the Richmond area right now, we haven't had much of an opportunity to take them out except when we run to either Petsmart or Petco.  We felt like they were starting to suffer from greyhound withdrawal and were so happy when they walked into Petco and ran, tails wagging, up to the greyhounds waiting there!  I did feel a moment of sadness when it looked like Blue was looking for his Dana-roo...he kind of made a lap around and then came back and looked up at me as if to say, "she's not here! She's ALWAYS at the meet & greets!!".  Ana quickly gave up on the new dogs and found a place on the floor to cool her belly and rest her legs.  We didn't actually work the M&G, though they did invite us back to do so, it was more of an introduction to see how we liked them, and most importantly, to start scoping out people we can trust to watch the dogs should we go on vacation.  It's hard having no greyhound support system out here- as hard as I thought it would be.  It was actually one of the big factors against us coming out here- we knew that it would be very difficult to try to construct some of the bonds that we built with the two groups we worked with in Virginia (James River Greyhounds and VAGA), but we felt like we needed to start trying.

Hey, mom!  I'm ready to go!  Let me in! (Those are post-it notes on the sliding glass doors so they know there's something there...we've had a few incidents...).
It's amazing how differently groups operate- the group we met, Greyhounds Only, Inc., has a kennel up in Wisconsin where they can keep up to 50 dogs.  Twice a month, they have "fun runs" where you can pay $5 admission to bring your dogs up and run them together with all the kennel greyhounds and the other adopted greyhounds that come out.  We're definitely interested in going up- not just for the fun run, but to love on some new greyhounds!  They are having a haul this weekend where they are getting about 20 dogs from Florida-such a long drive for those pups!!  I think they used to get their dogs from Dairyland before it closed, but I'll have to ask because I can't quite recall.

There was one particularly amusing moment at Petco (with an employee, not with the greyhound group), where I was showing Blue and Ana the big black and white rabbit they had in a cage (we like to gauge their reactions)...the employee came up to me and started talking about the greyhounds and then started giving me the hard sell on the rabbit.  Umm...I don't think our household would be the best place for a rabbit, do you?  Yeah, we'll take him...and we'll call him Rusty.

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