Monday, September 27, 2010

A Few Moments in Sunshine

Over the weekend we watched my director's foster dog, Remy...she's a schnauzer/american eskimo mix (apparently) and is full of energy.  After she left this evening, I told Kenney that my love for greyhounds has been newly reaffirmed!  Remy was all over the place,  into everything and yappy, but also very adorable!

Whenever we bring another dog into the house, we are always interested to see how our two interact with them.  With Remy, they didn't really pay much attention to her, and Ana even laid next to her on the couch (and she doesn't even like to lay with Blue!).  This morning, the three of them were tearing around the yard.  Whenever they were outside together, we kept a close watch since Remy looks a walking, talking stuffie, but there were no incidents.  With all the commotion of another dog in the house, Blue tried to catch a nap where and when he could...I was able to capture a few minutes in the sunshine!  I'm putting these in order of sleepiness progression!  :o)

Please let me know which of the above four is your favorite!  I am trying to earmark photos as I go this year for submission into the Celebrating Greyhound calendar next year, and I just can't decide which one I like best!  Your help would be much appreciated!  :o)


Trina said...

I like the 3rd one!

Kenney said...

I agree with Trina. The third one!

gyeong said...

Yeah, I third that for the third one.