Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blue!

Blue's birthday was yesterday.  It's his 7th birthday, which means in the eyes of dog rules, or whoever determines these things, he's officially a "senior dog".  I prefer to refrain from labeling him as such.  He's stilll 99.9% puppy and will remain that way for years to come.

Blue is my sweet, goofy boy.  Completely attached to our hips in the house. Always the first to cuddle up.  Coldest nose that he loves to stick in your armpit or on your back in the middle of the night to warm it up.  Biggest brown eyes that can be sad, wistful, hopeful, happy and content all at the same time.  My runner outside. The one who encourages Annie to play and get off her pedestal every now and then.  The one who started the hopping like a kangaroo when we come home at night.  The one who sits so pretty.  Running over to me to help be a model whenever you hear the sounds of velcro ripping.  So timid and shy...and yet so brave!  The one who needs us, not just us needing you.  Simple. Happy. Content.  I love you, Blue Boy.  I knew you were meant for us the first time I met you, when you were on your way to your first "forever" home.  I'm so happy they knew it was best to let you go...to let you run straight into our waiting arms.  You are one-half of my everything.  Happy Birthday, my boy, my Blue...my heart!  There's just something about you.

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Hiking Hounds said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet face.